Forby fuels business success and engagement with real-time polls, actionable employee feedback, and secure voting on strategy, products, and budgets, fostering a participatory and agile culture.


Empowering Decision-Making Across Business Landscapes

From startups to global corporations, Forby streamlines decision-making, fostering communication, strategic alignment, and informed employee participation for timely, data-driven choices.


Empower startups to navigate rapid growth with agile decision-making tools, fostering a culture of innovation through dynamic feedback and polling.

Large corporations

Integrate inputs from a global workforce, crucial for multinational entities to make inclusive and culturally aware decisions.

Cooperative businesses

Empower members to participate actively in governance and operational decisions, reflecting the cooperative principle of democratic member control.


Empower franchises with brand consistency and localized decision-making. Franchisee input strengthens relationships and optimizes operations.

Remote-first companies

Unite remote teams across time zones. Asynchronous voting empowers seamless decisions, eliminating location and schedule barriers.

Seasonal businesses

Streamline planning and staffing for fluctuating activity. Its tools enable agile adaptation to market shifts and operational changes.
  • EMPOWER Decisions, Foster CONSENSUR

Let the people decide

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Empower Every Voice

Unlock the power of collective intelligence with Forby. Our platform ensures every member of your group, whether large or small, has the opportunity to contribute to decision-making. With intuitive polling, structured debates, and transparent voting systems, Forby makes it easy for everyone to have their say, ensuring decisions are well-informed and broadly supported.

Unified Decision-Making Hub

Centralize your decision-making processes with Forby, your all-in-one platform for consensus-building. From gathering initial feedback to finalizing decisions through advanced voting mechanisms, Forby streamlines every step. Equip your organization with the tools to manage discussions, polls, and elections all in one place, enhancing efficiency and clarity.

Decision Clarity and Consensus

Drive clarity and achieve consensus effortlessly with Forby. Our platform blends cutting-edge voting technologies with easy-to-use discussion formats to foster understanding and agreement among all participants. Perfect for any group needing to navigate complex decisions, Forby helps you arrive at outcomes that truly reflect collective preferences.

Seamless Integration, Endless Possibilities

Integrate Forby seamlessly into your existing workflows and watch your productivity soar. Our platform is designed to adapt to various organizational needs, supporting a range of integrations from internal communication tools to external data sources. Enhance your decision-making capabilities without disrupting your current systems.