For groups, businesses, organizations, boards and councils

Groups are often made of two parts:

1) The Constituency:

  • All the membership, such as the students or the members of the Professional Organization
  • Specific subgroup like employees, managers, or administrators.
  • The customers

2) The Core or Leadership:

  • The Council or Board
  • Owners, Directors, or Executive team
Within the core or leadership group

The initiatives and decisions of the team are too often either out of sight out of mind, or buried in various platforms or email threads.

Forby lets groups participate in real time governance, giving leadership a tool to:

  • Collect Ideas and initiatives,
  • Consider aspects of the Ideas, like:
  • Alternate Ideas
  • Context
  • Time Frames
  • Resources
  • Shared Documents and
  • Discuss and vote on resolutions before meeting.

This allows the leadership to free up precious in-person time and be more productive during meetings.

Leadership’s connection with the broader group

Organizations that are able to gather Ideas from the larger group of invested members can make better use of the talent pool connected with their organization.

However, collecting and prioritizing Ideas from large constituencies has been difficult in the past.

Now, Forby allows boards to:

  • Collect
  • Develop
  • Sort
  • Filter and prioritize
  • Approve or reject
  • Plan out actions