Where Groups Make
Better Decisions.

Making decisions as a group is tricky.

Until now, there has been no tool available to give all members of large groups the opportunity to participate in proposing ideas and choosing which proposals to go with.

There certainly has never been a tool made to help all the members to clearly see and participate in the thinking process that led to the decisions that were made.

Forby is designed to do just that.

All members can propose ideas.

They also get to explain their reasoning why or why not to move forward with a proposal.

When they post their reasons, the entire community can see and vote on these statements.

This allows the entire community to see the level of agreement with the reasons why or why not, and post alternate proposals based on the concerns of the members.

What does Forby do?

Forby gives large and small groups a tool to:

Reduce reliance on email, meetings, chat and live video calls.

Keep a record of all group conversations and decisions.

More efficiently

  • Collect
  • develop
  • prioritize
  • approve or reject and
  • act on the best ideas of all group members.

We believe that the biggest step forward for humanity and groups is improving the ability to more sensibly
coordinate the needs and ideas of all the members.

Use Forby to:

Develop plans and alternate plans before approving.

Keep an archive of Ideas, Votes, and Conversations.

Take a piece of work to completion.
Collect and prioritize member ideas in real time.

Stay connected with your groups between meetings.

Prepare for an Event or Meeting.
Discuss, report, debrief, reflect.

Reduce administrative lag.

Deal with urgent matters.

We believe that extreme opinions are less likely to take root and good ideas are more likely to take wing when the full diversity of perspectives is engaged in the ideation and decision making process.

We as humanity need to learn how to coordinate at a new level.

You and I, like everyone else, are confronted with topics like:

  • Economic crisis
  • War
  • Epidemics
  • Inequality
  • Climate change
  • Environmental crisis

All of these situations are fundamentally a failure to coordinate.

Our short term interests seem polarized, but our long term interests are definitely aligned.

If we don’t start to coordinate on the long term goals, we will all die from the conflicts of interests as we all fight tooth and nail over our short term interests.

Ordinary citizens only have a few options to try to make a difference:

Use less electricity, get an electric car, eat organic.

Can you imagine what we could accomplish if we could put our minds together and focus our intentions on solving this crisis of crises, the metacrisis.

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